Adding Diskerud to the Mix

Come walk our streets, Mr. Mix.

This man has Portlander written all over him.

The good news is that I have received $1 every time I have heard a Timbers fan say that the team needs a creative, play-making midfielder over the past two seasons. The bad news is that my bank account may not be receiving any further deposits.

You wanted a creative midfielder. Clear throat and say: Mikkel “Mix” Morgenstar Pålssønn Diskerud. Yes. And Please.

If true – and let’s face it, Soccer by Ives is killing it with his Timberslandia reporting this offseason – this is a move that has Caleb Porter’s fingerprints all over it. He managed Diskerud with the USMNT U-23s. He has a reputation for favoring guys in the midfielder who can actually pass and move with the ball forward (eyes are glaring at you, Jewsbury). He recognizes talent when he sees it.

Will Johnson and Mikkel “Mix” Morgenstar Pålssønn Diskerud in the middle with Diego Chara providing cover. That has a nice ring to it.

Mr. Porter and Mr. Wilkinson, keep working those spreadsheets and binders.

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