They write. We report. You win

graph1Welcome to our new and improved 5mTKO feature where we link to stories that other people have written. They do the work. You benefit. We get the advertising revenue satisfaction of helping you stay informed.

  • That fancy graphic above? It apparently tells us which months the Timbers and other MLS sides will have the easiest and hardest go of things based on strength of schedule. Imagine how easy the schedule would be if the 2013 Timbers got to play the 2012 Timbers three times!
  • Trying to sort out your travel plans for #TimbersAway? This completely objective evaluation of road trips should help. As for me, my biggest factor is whether or not Nevets is along for the ride. Away. Day. Legend.
  • You know who is happy to get away from Toronto FC? Just about every player that does, including our new guy Milos Kocic. No matter how bad things are around here we always have TFC to kick around. And Chivas USA. And Ian Hogg.
  • Another refugee heading to our Cascadian shores is doing so not to flee his homeland but because he (and more importantly, his wife!) want to be here. Diego Valeri says he’d like to pull up a stool and stick around Portland for awhile. [En Espanol]. Google Translate will tell you his nickname is the “fluff”. Ok, then.
  • Robbie Findley has officially parted ways with Nottingham Forest and the reports are that the Timbers will receive $75,000 in allocation money from Real Salt Lake for his MLS rights. Surely that money will be used to compensate us for the failed Spiced IPA experiment, right?
  • “[Playing for Seattle] will be a little weird for me. Obviously it would be inauthentic for me to say my heart lies in Seattle. It definitely lies in Portland.” Atta, girl.

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