Cascadia Cup Founder’s Circles

The Cascadia Cup from the start has always been a Supporter’s Cup, conceived and financed by the supporters of the three Cascadia clubs. Each year, members of the three clubs, in the spirit of fair play, decide how the cup is to be contested that current year.  Decisions regarding the competition have traditionally been made with a 2/3 thirds majority vote.

That’s why The Soccer Don’s statements are a joke:

“We’re very confident that by communicating with [Cascadia supporters] better and just talking about what our plans are that they’ll be pleased that we’ve got their interest and the interest of the league in mind.” – Don Garber [MLS Commissioner]

The original members of the Cascadia Cup Founder’s Circles:

NOTE: Screen names may be outdated

NOTE: We can’t seem to find the name MLS or The Soccer Don anywhere on this list…..

  • Portland Founder’s Circle

Kurt Schubothe (“Drumman”)
Lady Hagen-das
Kevin Alexander
Eric Berg
Paul Schmidt
Allison Andrews
Rick Curwen
Chris Salter (NB)
Gisele Currier
Chris Cooper
Dave Upper 90
Ralph Chilton
Kara Anderson
In Memory of
Paula Currier
Don Cox
Marcos Marcançola
Ricky Torchia
Greg Weston
Jennifer Karps

  • Vancouver Founder’s Circle

Kieron Warner (“Krammerhead”)
Craig Flamma
Ardito M. (“r2”)
Max Fornasier (“Footy99”)
Claudio Arato (“Puskas”)
John Knox (“Johnnie Monster”)
Devon Rowcliffe (“Blue and White Army”)
Carlos Aquino (“Nolberto S.”)

  • Seattle Founder’s Circle

Tom Agosti (“TGos”)
David Falk (“sounderfan”)
Eric Gilbertson (“EricGi”)
Heather Johnson
Peter Zastrow
Greg & Mary Stensrud
Scott Kieffer (“”)
Ron Stickney (“RonS”)
Edward Simpson (“Blue Lightning”)

To learn more about the folks who had a hand in creating the Cascadia Cup, have a listen to our three part interview series:

“Origins Of The Cascadia Cup: Part 3 of 3” will be out Friday on Episode 40 of “5 Minutes To Kickoff”. To hear that interview please visit CSRN or subscribe via [iTunes] [RSS]

4 thoughts on “Cascadia Cup Founder’s Circles

  1. Mr. Garber has no clue. They want control of the trade mark so the league can make money. This Cup has nothing to do with the MLS but everything to do with the supporters of the NW Teams. The USL was smart to stay out of controlling the cup and Mr Garber with his MLS needs to do the same,

    Mr Garber do what you do best and buy another Beckham for NY or LA.

  2. Drumman thanks for your part in the series. Really hope MLS backs off quick.

    Oh yeah the guys on The Football Ramble have been talking about Lamps to LAG for a good amount of time. Think he has two top years left. Sign him for three?

  3. When Eric told me we had just spent even more money on his latest obsession by investing in a supporters trophy, I thought it was yet another insane crackpot idea drummed up by a bunch of nerds obsessed with a boring sport who were also waisting their lives away by spending way too much time on SCUSA. Of course, I was right.

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