Rostergeddon: Bye-Bye Boydy

We'll always have this moment to remember.

We’ll always have this moment to remember.

After being benched in favor of a guy who was loaned out earlier in the season to a third division club and after having the new manager basically throw him under the proverbially bus driven by the general manager, the news that Kris Boyd’s contract has been eaten up by the Portland Timbers is not a shocker. But it still might take a little while to sink in.

Boyd was presented as the immediate answer to the team’s goal scoring woes despite joining the Timbers after extended time away from the pitch. He was then surrounded by a bunch of players who weren’t exactly skilled at helping him score goals. And then forced into irrelevancy when the the club decided to change its formation into one that was ill-designed for his skills set.

Oh, by the way, he still lead the 2012 Portland Timbers in goals.

I’m sure there are some out there celebrating this move, but for me it is hard to celebrate. It might have been necessary, but it is still bittersweet. I wanted Boyd to succeed here. I think he had the talent to succeed here. It just didn’t happen.

The last trace of John Spencer has left the building.

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