Know Thy Enemy: Sporting Kansas City

Nobody beats the Wiz

Lawrence of Cascadia

Get up, Larry! Photo: Allison Andrews/Soccer City USA

Get up, Larry! Photo: Allison Andrews/Soccer City USA

The path between Kansas City has largely been a one way path with the Timbers inheriting the likes of Jewsbury, Harrington, and Pore. One guy who took the opposite direction is Lawrence Olum. The wiry Kenyan played for the Timbers in 2007-08, scoring six goals, including the memorable header show to the left against Miami FC in stoppage time in 2007.


Mascots over the Years

The Other Argentine

Boots on fire

Warning: Setting boots on fire can lead to terrible blisters.

Sporting KC signed Claudio Bieler to a designated player contract this winter and already the Argentine has had an impact with 4 goals in his first eight games. Nicknamed “El Taca”, which Google translates to mean “El Taca”, Bieler joined SKC after scoring 20 goals in 36 appearance at LDU Quito in Ecuador in 2012. He was also part of the LDU Quito side in 2008 that won the Copa Libertadores, a competition that only ranks second in its importance to the upcoming Copa Verde.



Well played, KC. Well played

It would be better if he used a chainsaw to cut the brisket.

It would be better if he used a chainsaw to cut the brisket.

From the Back Post:

Brisket Bob made his debut when Sporting KC defeated the Portland Timbers 3-1 Wednesday night. Brisket Bob was a fun parody of one of the best traditions in American Soccer, Timber Joey.




Now you know why he was happy to leave KC


Still Dreamy after all these Years

Caption not necessary

Caption not necessary

Remember when Bobby Convey was the future of U.S. soccer? We’ll forgive you if you don’t, that was a long time ago. Back in 2000, he made his MLS debut at the tender age of 16, playing for DC United. Flash forward 13 years, 183 MLS games played, 110 games for Reading FC, and 46 appearances for the USMNT, and you’ll find he is still around. Sometimes MLS actually works the way it is supposed to.





Did you know…?

  • The Greater Kansas City area has more than 200 picturesque fountains, giving rise to its nickname, The City of Fountains.
  • In 2009 Kansas City International airport reported having the highest number of wild bird strikes of any airport in the United States based on takeoffs and landings (57 per 100,000).
  • Ernest Hemingway developed his writing style in Kansas City when he worked as a cub reporter for the Kansas City Star from 1917 to 1918. Hemingway often cited the Star’s style of using short sentences as his primary influence.

Can it withstand the impact of a Will Johnson free kick?


Powered by Graham Zusi’s legs.







Like Songo’o, except he is under contract

Sporting KC's marching band, Oriol Rosell.

Sporting KC’s marching band, Oriol Rosell.

Rare is the day when MLS inherits players from Spain. Rarer is the day when the player is still young enough to walk. Oriol Rosell joined Kansas City last season as a 20-year-old fresh from playing for Barcelona’s ‘B’ team. He grew up in the famed Barcelona youth academy that produced the likes of Franck Songo’o. The Catalonian midfielder has settled in nicely in the States, starting all 8 games this season.



This is what it means to be Club Captain


Riding the pine isn’t a hardship in KC

These seats make the rhum taste even better.

These seats make the rhum taste even better.








5mTKO Beer Endorsement of the Week

Is that Alexi Lalas on the label?

Is that Alexi Lalas on the label?

Kansas City doesn’t come to mind when one thinks of the country’s best breweries, but you have to figure that they have some liquid sunshine to go along with the slabs of dead carcases that come from their barbies. We’re flying blind on this one, but go ahead and give the Long Strange Tripel from Boulevard Brewing a shot. With a 9.2% ABV and a flavor that includes a hint of toffee, a few of these will make you think that you aren’t in Kansas anymore (which is probably a good thing since the brewery is located on the Missouri side of things).

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