Tuesday’s Promise

Watching the Timbers play to yet another draw on Saturday, I felt the usual pangs on emotion. There was the foaming at the mouth while Kah was Kah. There was the euphoria of watching Valeri be Valeri. There was the appreciation of Gaston Fernandez’s craftiness. There was the frustration caused by the referees. There was…

SpongeRoberto Square Pants

Let the good times roll

It was just a mere two weeks ago when the Portland Timbers were staring at the nuclear holocaust known as being below Chivas USA in the table. And then it happened. We dusted off the keyboard, fired up the Commodore 64, chugged a bottle of G2, pecked out a blog post full of gibberish, and…

Never misestimate the power of the blogg.

Another one, I guess

Hey ho, lookie here. We fired up the old blogg machine last week and the grammatically-challenged inside jokes surely led the boys in green and white to victory. You question that causation? Surely you must realize that Valeri’s goal celebration was not to honor his grandfather, but rather to tell the masses that you must…

The new chairs for the away teams at Providence Park.

Hello again, my friend

I am disappointed in you, fair reader. Just because I haven’t posted something since back in the days when the only concerns we had in the world was our backup goalkeeping situation and the threat of the return of Spiced IPA, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let me know when the Blogg starts to display concussion-like…


Podd #77 Now Available

Nevets survived his concussion-like game day experience in week 1 of the Portland Timbers MLS season, and he and Roberto break down the action from the Philly match. At the end of the show they are joined by On the Fire Radio‘s Jim from Bolingbrook, a true character who also provides some great [and explicit]…


Podd #75 Now Available

This week Roberto and the other Steven Lenhart are joined by John Nyen, who throws down some serious knowledge bombs while also failing miserably to promote his magnum opus, Essays from a Season. Pints up!   iTunes RSS Buzzsprout


From the Department of Self-Promotion

The Total Soccer Show is doing a pretty cool thing this year, previewing each MLS team through interviews with podcasters. I had the chance to talk about the Timbers. Along with my usual stumbles and pontifications and forgetting of Andrew Weber’s name, there is that discomforting moment when I was asked to talk about my…